Max Childs


Gallery from Dec 29th, 2018 at The Haunt - Ithaca
Photos by Ready For The Afterglow

Gallery from April 6th, 2019 at Funk 'n Waffles - Syracuse
Photos by Lion Eye Photography


May 30thWVBR 93.5FMIthaca, NY7 pm 
June 1stThe RangeIthaca, NYDoors 8 pm / Show 9 pmTickets
June 15Ransom Steele TavernApalachin, NYDoors 8 pm / Show 8:30 pm 
June 23Funk 'n WafflesSyracuse, NYDoors 9 pm / Show 10 pm 
July 9Rockwood Music HallManhattan, NY7 pm 
August 23 - 24The BBQ VTrumansburg, NYTBATickets
September 27thHopshire BreweryFreeville, NY6pm 


Max Childs is a contemporary soul-pop songwriter. His 6 piece band brings a powerhouse sound to the stage for a night of groove and dance.

Founded in 2017, the band has performed throughout the central New York area and released their first single, "Last Summer" on all digital listening platforms on March 1st, 2019. They are currently working on a mini studio album with the intent of releasing it digitally in June 2019.

More about Max Childs' work:

Max Childs began his musical journey at age 6 when he began private study on piano and cello. His parents being musicians, Max quickly found a love for music and fueled creativity by practicing composition. At age 11, he was commissioned to write a piece, “Jungle Monkey’s”, for the Cornell Chamber Orchestra. In the year following, the Little Rock Symphony Orchestra of Arkansas commissioned a piece by Shuhan he titled, “Alchemy." After years of private Western Classical study, Max changed focus and began learning American Classical music (Jazz). This shifted his composition into a singer-songwriter style and he started blending jazz harmony into his pop songs, finding influence from Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones, Queen and Allen Stone to name a few.